Anchor-shaped tab for easy-open ends aiming to make a splash

Spain-based AnchorEOE has developed a novel tab for tinplate or aluminium easy-open ends, operated using two fingers instead of one.

The prototype, which has international patents, is ergonomic and safer to use based on its anchor-like shape, the company says.

To apply the tabs to ends, it is only necessary to change the tab die on the press, as the tabs fit the standard rivet used by most manufacturers. AnchorEOE, located in Murcia, is hoping to attract manufacturers of easy-open ends to license the technology, and the interest of canned goods manufacturers.

The mechanism enables a modulated application of force on low-height cans or rectangular cans where opening with the traditional ring can be complicated or unsafe, according to the company. The shape allows for any size finger to pull up the lid.

At this stage, AnchorEOE is in early talks with five companies that are considering licensing the patent, and the company is confident that it will be on the market this year. A spokesperson told The Canmaker: “We hope that in this first quarter the first operations will be signed and that by summer we can have AnchorEOE in the supermarket.”

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