Bisphenol-A could be banned in Canada

April 21: Canmaking companies may have to find alternative coatings for infant-formula cans in Canada following a decision that could ban the use of a chemical used in the manufacture of some coatings, and polycarbonate bottles.
Canadian government health and environment ministers have called Bisphenol-A (BPA) a ‘chemical of concern’.
BPA is used to make epoxy phenolic coatings for cans and polycarbonate bottles and, despite its controlled use being approved in a range of food packaging products, has been targeted in North America because of recent fears that it might have an impact on the health of very young children.
On April 18, a joint statement from the Canadian government departments said: “It was determined that the main source of exposure for newborns and infants is through the use of polycarbonate baby bottles when they are exposed to high temperatures and the migration of BPA from cans into infant formula.

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