BPA scientific data "clouded by politics"

April 16: Bisphenol A was in the spotlight again this week following a feature by US-based ICIS Chemical Business (ICB) that focused on the ‘confusion’ that exists in the understanding of the health issues relating to BPA’s use for manufacturing polycarbonate bottles and epoxy phenolic coatings in metal cans.

ICB, which offers “trusted market intelligence for the global chemical and energy industries”, quizzed Dr John Rost, chairman of the North American Metal Packaging Alliance (NAMPA), a body that represents the interests of the canmaking industry and its suppliers.

With a number of food companies and retailers such as Walmart saying that they are phasing out BPA, ICB’s Doris de Guzman asked Rost how NAMPA was addressing the development and whether it was encouraging its members to develop alternatives.

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