Canmakers meet in China

October 26: Presidents of canmaking companies have been meeting this week at the annual general meeting of the Chinese Metal Packaging Association at Yantai in eastern Shangdong province.
About 350 delegates attended the three-day event to hear market and technical updates from the organisation’s management and canmakers such as Cofco, Toyo Seikan and Lipeng Packaging and equipment suppliers Biagosch & Brandau and KBA-Metalprint.
Publisher of The Canmaker Allan Sayers provided an overview of metal packaging markets across the world and recent innovations.
He also announced that the canmaking trade show Cannex will take place in China in 2009.
China’s metal packaging industry is the fastest growing in the world, worth 42 billion Yuan (US$5.6bn) in 2006, up 28.4 percent.

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