Canned soup for microwaves shown at Cannex

June 9: A new style of microwaveable canned soup launched in China recently was one of a number of innovations shown at the Cannex Asia Pacific show being held in Guangzhou this week.
It is the result the tie-up between China’s fast-growing ORG Canmaking and global canmaker Impress Metal Packaging. Added-value metal packaging developed by Impress is being used in China by ORG, which in turn gets access to new canmaking technologies.
Magicool soup is being marketed in the Beijing region by Yuan Young, part of the same group that owns ORG. They use deep-drawn decorated aluminium cans with aluminium ends that normally cannot be microwaved.
But as part of the marketing campaign Magicool is sold in six-packs along with a plastics cup. The can is placed in the cup with a little water, which when microwaved heats up the soup.
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