Cannex & Fillex 2019 preview: Hyperion Materials & Technologies

Hyperion Materials & Technologies will be showing its full range of lightweight carbide tooling that is used in all stages of two-piece can production, including tooling for cuppers, bodymakers and neckers.

Hyperion will use Cannex specifically to highlight its DZ18 grade carbide tooling used for bodymaker punches. Claimed to increase tool life, reduce ring consumption and tear-off rate, DZ18 tools have been shown to require fewer re-texturing operations between reworks.

Being roughly 15 per cent lighter than conventional punch grades, DZ18 aids quick size changes on swing lines and can also provide supplementary improvement on bodymaker dynamics. This contributes to increased speeds, less maintenance and fewer machine set-up issues, while improving top wall concentricity, thus helping to minimise can spoilage on necking operations.

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