Cannex & Fillex 2019 preview: Sencon

Sencon will be using Cannex to launch its latest shell and progression measurement gauges. Both offer ultra-fast measurement for high throughput, multi-size without any changes, and high repeatability.

Both beverage and food shells and ends can be measured. In a novel twist, both applications have the potential to be combined – either at purchase or as
an upgrade option at any time – in the same small footprint unit, saving space and costs.

Sencon will also launch its latest 360-degree label inspection system. This follows on from the widely used 180 Vision systems. LVi-360 is a deco safety net minimising the risk of voids that are noticeable by the customer. It will also demonstrate both the optical coatings and back end/finished can gauges from the Benchmark Series. These small footprint semi-automatic gauges offer the same measurement technology as Sencon’s automatic non- contact gauges.
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