Cannex & Fillex 2019 preview: Stolle Machinery

A new design of bodymaker called The Canceptor, featuring increased flexibility, reliability and ease of service, will be displayed by Stolle Machinery at this year’s show.

One of the main developments within The Canceptor is a variable stroke length, which allows it to be quickly and easily converted to produce multiple can sizes at a much lower cost than traditional bodymakers. The machine also features a one-piece tooling cradle assembly that includes the tool pack, domer and a newly designed can discharge mechanism, with modules that are easily swapped when can sizes change.

Other features include a one-piece base casting, cart-mounted high efficiency hydraulic oil system, advanced temperature sensing at critical machine locations, improved machine access and guarding, and sophisticated machine monitoring and control capabilities.

The Canceptor is the latest in a series of products introduced by Stolle over the past year, in an expansion of its equipment range to include virtually all items of beverage can production machinery.

Bob Gary, Stolle’s chief commercial officer, said: “We love having Cannex in our beautiful home city of Denver, and we’re excited for everyone to see our new Canceptor – the next generation of bodymakers.”

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