Cannex & Fillex 2019 preview: SLAC Precision Equipment

Suzhou SLAC Precision Equipment will present its new digital printing mini-line and its Hexad conversion press at the show. The mini-line concept centres around SLAC’s new digital printer (SC-DCP-B2006), which lowers the viable volume threshold for D&I can manufacture and opens up low-cost opportunities for annual volumes of around 75 million cans; much lower than the usual minimum for D&I can production.

The new printer is able to print with one-can one-code, giving each can a unique barcode or QR code for consumer functionality. It may also be used to print images that are specific to individual cans.

SLAC will also be promoting a new Hexad conversion press for beverage ends, which has a rated speed of 4,500 ends per minute. While this has the same footprint as a four-out machine, it is said to be capable of an increased output of 50 per cent and to offer metal savings as a result of a more efficient strip layout.

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