Canvironment Week celebrates 200 years of the food can

November 13: India’s leading Coca-Cola filler, its top tinplate producer and coatings and inks suppliers have joined Canvironment Week, the campaign that aims to broadcast the benefits of using and recycling metal cans to save energy, and the environment.

The campaign is running in the seven days from November 10 with a number of events in India being organised by Hindustan Tin Works Ltd with support from industry groups and members of the International Packaging Association, giving the movement a global sweep.

It climaxes with media events in India on November 17, the birthday in 1749 of Frenchman Nicolas Appert (pictured on a Monaco stamp), who published ‘L’Art de conserver les substances animales et végétales’ which first described food canning techniques 200 years ago this year in 1810. Later that year the first patent for a metal food can was filed in London by Peter Durand.

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