Cannex & Fillex 2019 preview: CarnaudMetalbox Engineering

CarnaudMetalbox Engineering will be giving centre stage to its Reformat decorator for the two-piece can market, using an advanced visual display. The company will have promotional cans printed by its decorator, to demonstrate the machine’s high-quality printing.

The Reformat decorator offers many benefits, including improved access to all eight inkers, an integrated wash-up system and rear-mounted servo motors. It is based on the principals of the Reformat brand, which benefits from fewer tools for changeovers, easy access, common fittings, light-weighted parts, sustainable and efficient operation, smart tablet control, remote monitoring, energy efficiency and quick-release points.

The addition of servo registration reduces operator input and increases registration accuracy. This allows the plate cylinders to be registered by a single operator from the human-machine interface panel instead of by manually adjustment.

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