Raw material rise helps Ball’s Q1 results

First quarter sales for Ball Corporation increased to US$1.32 billion from $1.23bn in 2004. Profit also rose from $46.8 million to $58.6m. The rise was partly attributed to some of Ball’s customers buying more cans than normal before the increases caused by the rising cot of steel used to manufacture them.

Profitable first quarter for Silgan Holdings

Silgan’s first quarter net profit grew to $12.9 million from $11.1m a year earlier. Net sales increased by 2.3 percent in the period to $530m, credited to higher average selling prices caused by the passing through of raw material cost increases. It is said to have offset volume declines in both its metal and plastics businesses.

Ball’s Serbia plant soon to supply customers

Ball Packaging Europe’s beverage can plant in Serbia is expected to start delivering cans to beer and soft drinks customers in June. The plant, Serbia’s first beverage can plant, will have an annual production capacity of 650 million cans.

Budweiser joins the aluminium bottle trend

Anheuser-Busch’s Budweiser has become the latest beer to be sold across the US in aluminium bottles made by Exal Corporation. Said Bob Lachky, vice president of brand management at A-B: “Consumers have responded positively to this packaging so it is possible that other brands could eventually be available in aluminium bottles.”

Aluminium aerosols will hit 2bn in Europe this year

Europe’s aluminium aerosol can production is expected to hit 2 billion this year, according to European aerosol association Aerobal. The trend towards shaped aerosols and the favouring of aluminium over steel packaging due to rising tinplate costs are expected to ensure that 2005 production beats last year’s figures, adds Aerobal.

Don’t miss The Canmaker technology update at the IMDA’s convention

The Canmaker has joined the US-based International Metal Decorators Association with a session about the latest canmaking technologies. The IMDA’s convention is being held from Thursday to Friday 19-20 May in Willowbrook, Illinois, USA. Presentations sponsored by The Canmaker on the Friday include Bill Smith of DS Container; Jaap Dunnebier of Corus Packaging Plus; Olivier Magon of Arcelor Packaging...

Crown moves into digital printing

Crown Holdings will be offering commercial digital printed aerosol cans and shaped food cans with peelable ends later this year, according to its technology chief Dan Abramowicz.

Crown withdraws from industry body

February 8: Crown Holdings, the world's biggest canmaker, has withdrawn from a key industry body. It has not renewed its membership of the US-based Can Manufacturers Institute for 2006, but no reason has been given. Fees, which are based on yearly sales of the member companies, have been increased. The CMI’s Bob Budway said he would...

Worlds leading canmaker moves into Middle East

Rexam, which makes around 50 billion drinks cans a year worldwide, has moved into the Middle East market with the acquisition of Ecanco, the Egyptian independent producer of tinplate two-piece cans, located west of Cairo. The region is regarded as one of the fastest-growing markets but until now most of the capacity increases have been with Crown...