Canned food in the spotlight

The benefits of canned food were promoted in the UK more heavily in 2005 than ever before, with campaigns reaching more than 133 million consumers. Conducted by Canned Food UK, the campaigns focused on nutrition and developing a healthy lifestyle. The promotion took many forms, including press coverage in national newspapers, free recipe guides, presence at healthy eating shows,...

Cans reach dry pet food in Brazil

The Bat-plus can — a steel can with a plastics opening, designed to contain dry foods — has been chosen to package a new range of products for cats in Brazil. It is produced by Brazilian canmaker Brasilata in its plants in Sao Paulo, Estrela, and Rio Verde. It features a clear plastics lid, which allows the...

Caution: unexploded sausages

Five kilograms of sausages, it appears, is the latest way to ensure your party goes off with a bang. German metal packaging manufacturer Julius Kleemann has produced a ‘party bomb’ shaped steel can for Meica, a sausage producer also from Germany. The can is almost spherical in shape, yet still features a standard 153mm diameter lid. Following...

Steel can recycling promoted in Australia

Australia’s NCI Packaging is printing a ‘recyclable steel’ logo on the bottom of its cans. It follows an upgrade to its printing equipment so logos as well as numbers and lettering could be produced, and a request from the Steel Can Recycling Council to promote the use of the recycling symbol.

Tubex gets another prize

The Truspray aerosol can, manufactured by German tube producer Tubex, has collected another award to add to its 2005 haul. It had already received a German Packaging Award, the Aerobal ‘Can of the Year’, a silver Can of the Year award, and has now acquired the Worldstar award from the World Packaging Organisation.

Upgrade for Russian foil mill

Production has begun at Armenal, Rusal’s Armenian foil-rolling division, following the completion of the first stage of its $70 million modernisation programme. When fully updated, Armenal will operate at an annual capacity of 25,000 tonnes of foil. 18,000 tonnes of this will be thin foil, between 6-9 microns in thickness, while the remaining 7,000 tonnes will be...

Chinese closure manufacturer sells stake

Alcoa has purchased the 30 percent interest in the Alcoa Closure Systems International (Tianjin) joint venture currently owned by its partner China Suntrust Investment Group. Alcoa's presence in China began in 1993 with the creation of the Alcoa Asia representative office in Beijing. Since then, Alcoa has established thirteen wholly owned and joint venture companies.

More UV-curing lines from IST Metz

Germany's IST Metz has been involved in a number of recent UV-curing system installations for metal decorating operations around the world. The first Crabtree Marquess Plus UV line was set up in Puerto Rico, for Island Litho, while the first high speed UV line in China was also installed, for Bao Steel.

Self manufacturing expands in New Jersey

Ethnic product packer Goya Foods is building a new canmaking plant opposite its facility in New Jersey, USA, to add to its canmaking operation in Puerto Rico. The line is being built by Soudronic in Switzerland with an FBB1000 welder and combination beader, flanger and seamer, Mectra conveying systems and a Wilco leak tester which is said...