CMbE adds greater functionality to its D&I bodymaker

An ‘AutoBar’ function has been added to the control software of CarnaudMetalbox Engineering’s 5000 Series D&I bodymaker.

The function sits within the program logic controller (PLC) and human-machine interface (HMI) software and enables automatic movement of the ram, without the need for manually operating the flywheel barring tool.

Conventional manual barring requires two operators, but the AutoBar can be operated with just one, who has full control of forward and reverse.

With three modes of operation: AutoBar Mode, Short Can Assist and Start Position Assist, it only runs once the guard doors are locked to maintain operator safety, according to CMbE.

During mis-feeds, a tear-off, or other stops, the company said safety functions kick in, enabling the operator to clear the “misfeed and other metal forming errors”.

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