Entry deadline extended for 2022 Cans of the Year Awards

The deadline for entries to the 2022 Cans of the Year Awards, backed by The Canmaker magazine, has been extended to Friday 22 July following requests from canmakers.

Canmakers worldwide have been given three more weeks to submit their best metal packaging for evaluation in categories including aerosol cans; two-piece beverage cans; three-piece beverage cans; metal bottles; decoration and print quality; ends, caps and closures; fancy cans; three-piece food cans; general line; and prototypes.

The Gold, Silver and Bronze winners in each category will be announced at The Cans of the Year Awards Gala Dinner, which will take place on Wednesday 5 October at The Canmaker Summit in Prague, Czech Republic.

The Cans of the Year Awards have been running since 1996. The title of overall Can of the Year in 2021 was awarded to a highly-decorated and intricately executed tinplate three-piece container made by India’s Hindustan Tin Works for DS Group’s Rajnigandha’s mouth freshener. The can and its fitted lid, which also won gold in the Food Three-Piece category, was inspired by the Hindu Holi festival celebrated across India.

For more information, and how to submit your entries, please visit the Cans of the Year site.

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