Food canners order the latest canmaking lines

November 2: Food manufacturers are increasingly making their own metal packaging, apparently reversing a trend in the canmaking world, particularly in North America.
Speaking at the recent Canmaker Summit conference in Chicago, Jakob Guyer, chief executive of Swiss-based canmaking line manufacturer Soudronic, revealed that a number of food canners had ordered the latest three-piece technology for use alongside their processing plants.
Mexico-based vegetable and bean canner Conservas La Costeña is expected to complete the commissioning its first line in the US soon. It’s in Tuscon, Arizona, where a facility is being built that includes a line for making two diameters of tinplate food cans, 73mm and 83mm, at up to 720 per minute.
In Italy, tomato packer Monge Agrifood SpA at Monasterolo has also ordered two high-speed lines from Soudronic.

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