EFSA to question French BPA study conclusions

The European Commission has called for the European Food Standards Agency (EFSA) to study a French report on bisphenol A (BPA) following this week’s vote in the French National Assembly that proposes to ban the chemical’s use in food contact packaging, including cans.

The French health and safety agency ANSES had advised that consumer warnings should be issued for “…household utensils and containers in contact with food…”. As a result, the French lower house supported its health minister’s proposal to extend the use restriction on BPA, a key component in the production of epoxy phenolic can coatings, voting on Wednesday 348 to 2.

The so-called ban on the use of BPA by 2014 – it extends an EC ruling on the use of polycarbonate baby bottles earlier this year – could still be overturned by the French Senate, the upper house, but it has disappointed both the metal packaging and plastics industries, both of whom are concerned that the authority of EFSA is being compromised by an EC member country.


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