IPS develops smaller, more energy efficient can sorter

A more compact and sustainable version of high-speed beverage can sorting technology has been developed by Integrated Packaging Solutions (IPS).

The RapidSort LT inspection sorting system is smaller, and less expensive, than the original RapidSort, which has been on the market for a few years, according to the company. IPS claims this latest version has, in many cases, a return on investment (ROI) of less than one year.

The latest version is more streamlined, said IPS, with a smaller footprint, maintenance access designed in, and multiple configurations, such as a manual lane, an automatic lane with 100% camera inspection, a repack lane, or the choice to have all three.

The RapidSort LT is designed as a standalone plant process, and locatable near a warehouse for the close proximity of hold- for-inspection (HFI) cans, damaged, or end of run (EOR) pallet storage.

With no vacuum blowers, the RapidSort LT uses less energy, as the company explained: “Traditionally, blowers are a normal part of a conveying line for vacuum belting. The new RapidSort LT patent pending design achieves the same spacing and visibility to the bottom of the can without the use of a blower, saving money on equipment and operational costs.”

The machine’s ‘smart’ conveyor technology refers to its ability to monitor the sorting progress and only turns conveyors on or off when needed, reducing energy wastage. IPS said energy consumption is cut by 30% compared with its previous design. The smaller footprint also enables this design to fit in tighter spaces.

IPS added that the manual lane can be set to the customer’s specification, while the automatic lane features a dome/spray dot, inside and outside inspection, and litho inspection.

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