Iran beverage can plant capacity to be doubled

Sheikh Adel Aujan, chairman of Aujan Industries, the largest independent drinks manufacturer in the Middle East, has revealed in an exclusive interview that its canmaking plant in Iran will doubled in capacity next year to meet demand in the region for canned juices.

Production at the Kaveh Aluminium Can (KAC) plant – Iran’s first two-piece beverage can facility – started in 2009 to supply cans for the adjacent Aujan juice filling plant.

Sheikh Adel Aujan, who is keynote speaker at The Canmaker Summit in September, revealed at the interview in Dubai that local demand for cans is exceeding the Kaveh plant’s capacity of more than 800 million cans a year. It also makes cans for the local filling of Coca-Cola and Pepsi, both of whom have minority shares in the operation.

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