Kevin Dallman to lead Stolle Machinery’s new R&D centre

US-based canmaking equipment manufacturer Stolle Machinery has appointed Kevin Dallman to the newly-created role of Vice President of Stolle Advanced Technology Operation (SATO).

Located close to Stolle’s headquarters in Centennial City, Colorado, the 2,800sqm SATO R&D centre is due to open this month.

In his new position, Dallman will take on three key responsibilities: overseeing the development of SATO and its dedicated engineering team; leading Stolle’s sustainability strategy and technical manual writing for the company’s equipment; and addressing customer training needs.

Stolle, which specialises in two-piece can and end manufacturing machinery, launched SATO at the end of last year to “develop new metal packaging designs and manufacturing methods” and create and assess prototype canmaking equipment. The company is aiming to reduce “resource, spoilage and ultimately environmental impact per can,” said Stolle’s chief technical officer Ian Scholey at the time.

With canmakers increasingly concerned about the environmental impact of their operations, Stolle said SATO will investigate how existing and new machinery can be run as sustainably as possible. Its research will look at reducing the volume of water and materials required by the equipment, and develop machines that will be increasingly powered from renewable energy sources.

As part of its programme to reduce its own carbon footprint, Stolle said it will move from printing and shipping paper-based manuals for equipment and training to an online system.

At the beginning of the year Stolle, which is owned by Japanese canmaker Toyo Seikan, said it had set up a new team with technicians in Europe, Brazil and Asia to provide customised training on two-piece can and end manufacturing equipment.

Dallman who has been with Stolle for five years previously worked for Ball Corporation, Continental Can Company and Reynolds Metals, which was bought by Alcoa in 2000.

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