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The Canmaker is a monthly business intelligence publication for the metal packaging industry offering its readers a mixture of news, features, reviews, comment and access to an unparalleled knowledge base, delivered through print and digital media, along with online services.

Published continuously since 1988, The Canmaker serves a growing global market that was valued at USD 138.11 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach USD 193.24 billion by 2026 .* It is a key source of information for canmakers, their suppliers and customers in the food, beverage, personal care, home products and industrial sectors.

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The Canmaker‘s subscription list reads like an international who’s-who of the metal packaging world, embracing executives and staff from the smallest companies in the world to the largest multinational corporations.

* Source: IMDPA

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The Canmaker is a primary source of business intelligence for the metal packaging industry, offering subscribers a mixture of news, features, reviews and comment. It is a monthly trade publication available exclusively to businesses and industry professionals. Subscribe today for access to an unparalleled knowledge base, delivered through print and digital media, along with online services.

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The following features are included:

Three decades of challenges in Brazil
Wave of growth
Focusing the UV spectrum

Jorge Bannitz chief executive of Ardagh Metal Packaging in Brazil, recalls how Latin America’s beverage can business has evolved over the past 30 years.

Rising demand for canned seafood products has spurred investment by fish canners including Brazilian canmaker and canner Robison Crusoe,  in two-piece DRD canmaking lines.

Brazilian canmaker Companhia Metalgraphica Paulista has made huge cost savings by switching its UV curing systems to use LED lamps.

Circulation and geographical distribution

Our surveys have shown that each of the 3,500 copies of The Canmaker that are circulated worldwide is read by up to seven individuals.

This reflects an estimated global readership of more than 20,000.

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A: This includes departmental copies, company libraries and individuals with non-specific job titles.

B: Some individulas with senior production/R&D/technical roles are listed in the managerial sections.

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The Canmaker Innovations

Published at the beginning of each year, The Canmaker Innovations reviews the latest metal packaging developments, technology and ideas. It provides a review of The Canmaker Cans of the Year awards, featuring the winners and short-listed entries with images and descriptions. As such, The Canmaker Innovations offers a spotlight on the activities of canmakers from every sector of the business, and a reference work for anyone with an interest in the design, decoration and
applications of metal packaging.

The supplement is available to purchase online at Sayers Publishing Group’s online book store.

SPG Events

SPG Events organises exhibitions and conferences tailored to the packaging industry.

These specialist events offer packaging manufacturers and users varied opportunities to explore technology and ideas to improve their businesses. They encompass an international exhibition showcasing the latest equipment, services and materials; conferences that allow in depth discussion of developments and ideas; and an internationally recognised award to examine and celebrate the world’s finest metal packaging.

The Canmaker Summit

The Canmaker Summit brings together delegates and speakers from around the world to exchange ideas, discuss current trends and make new contacrts. The Summit includes The Canmaker magazine Cans of the Year Awards – a  celebration of the world’s finest metal packaging.

This year’s Summit will take place in Prague, Czech Republic, 5-6 October.

Join us for two days of intensive, lively, stimulating and constructive dialogue to help you boost your portfolio of knowledge and ideas.

The Canmaker Cans of the Year Awards

The Canmaker Cans of the Year Awards are internationally renowned for celebrating, promoting and rewarding the huge amount of innovative and ground-breaking work that takes place within the metal packaging industry each year.

Entry for the 2022 Awards is now open. If your company is actively involved in the manufacture or use of metal packaging, you are invited to enter your cans/closures now. Entry closes on the 30 June 2022.

Cannex Fillex
The World Canmaking Congress

Cannex Fillex is an international showcase of the latest canmaking and filling technologies from around the world. It is the perfect place to review the latest metal packaging equipment, materials and services and to make or re-establish valuable business contacts.