The Canmaker

The Canmaker is a key source of business intelligence for canmakers, fillers, their suppliers and brand owners in the food, beverage, personal care, home and industrial sectors.

With a monthly print magazine and expansive on-line services, The Canmaker provides news, reviews, market developments and comment in a multi-billion dollar global market that is continuing to grow.

Having reported on developments in the world of metal packaging since 1988, we’re happy to continue with a new modern, cleaner look cementing The Canmaker’s position as an established publication providing a vital resource for decision makers in the packaging and filling industries.

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The position that The Canmaker holds in the metal packaging world is largely due to a unique interaction between the contributors, the editorial board and the readership. Since the very first issue, we have encouraged a dialogue with our readers, helping to provide a constant flow of information and ensuring that the content is always focused.

Alongside regular editorial visits to manufacturing and research facilities around the world, our contributors regularly meet with readers at conferences, The Canmaker Summits, The Canmaker Cans of the Year Awards and at the Cannex Fillex shows, all of which are sponsored by the magazine.

With such a highly focused and reactive readership,
The Canmaker magazine is a most effective medium through which products and services can be promoted to canmakers anywhere in the world.