New series of The Canmaker webinars

We are delighted to announce the beginning of a series of webinars bringing canmakers the latest developments in canmaking technology.

The first of these will feature the latest news from ArcelorMittal on steel used for easy-open ends, twist-off caps, crown corks and standard ends.

The webinar, presented by Gilles Mangin, product development engineer at ArcelorMittal Global R&D, will cover the progress on material reduction. This is achieved by combining a refined design of the closure (panel profile, geometry) with adequate steel specifications (grade and thickness), especially with the use of harder steel grades of 620, 650, 700 MPa, or more.

New R&D tools are used to reduce the development time-to-market, and to avoid or reduce the previous trial-and-error development route. These include: 3D scanning to numerise the component geometry; finite element software to mimic the forming and the stress conditions occurring during sterilisation; and experimental laws to assess the safety margin during forming, production of prototypes to experimentally validate the desired performance. Moreover this allows the canmaker to select the required steel specifications among the extensive ArcelorMittal steel catalogue, or initiate a new steel product development if the existing products don’t fully fulfil the canmaker needs.

The presentation will give some insights into the R&D tool offered by ArcelorMittal, and some recent technical success on the closure components using the latest generation of Very High Strength steel products.

Please click here to register. We look forward to seeing you on the 13 June.

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