Resealable cans burn into France

March 28: Energy drinks have taking on a new look with the launch this month of Coca-Cola’s Burn using 50cl cans with resealable lids.
The resealable Burn cans are being sold through normal retail channels in France, supported by an advertising campaign.
“Burn is an established brand and this will be advertised with leaflets and posters,” said Chris Bowers, Coca-Cola’s packaging innovator based in London.
Burn has been sold in a number of formats including slim cans and aluminium bottles but the new lid, called the Ball Resealable End (BRE), enables larger cans to be used so that the consumer is able to save the drink.
The lids were developed over the past four years by canmaker Ball Packaging Europe and are the first of their type to offer consumers the opportunity to reclose the can within a conventional format.
Cans using the BRE were market tested by Coca-Cola in Germany and the Channel Islands last year prior to their launch.

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