Resealable Coca-Cola cans creating a buzz

October 29: Coca-Cola’s recent project to test resealable drinks cans in the Channel Islands is part of a long-term programme to assess the value of what many in the canmaking industry regard as the ‘Holy Grail’.
The special cans of Coke were handed out to consumers in Jersey and Guernsey, but have also recently been tried in Germany and will be trialled in other regions.
But although Coca-Cola says the resealable cans are “creating a buzz” there are no plans, as yet, to launch them.
The lids have a circular plastics opening device that is rotated to open and close the can.
The patented resealing feature has been under development by Germany-based canmaker Ball Packaging Europe (BPE) for a number of years. Prototypes were shown to The Canmaker three years ago.

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