Rexam accused of breaking Russian anti-monopoly laws

March 2: Unspecified action may be taken against Rexam in Russia after the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS Russia) found that the world’s largest manufacturer of drinks cans had violated laws on abusing market dominance.

The ruling comes after Rexam suffered a more than 30 percent decline in its sales in Russia last year, to which it responded by closing its Dmitrov plant, one of four in the federation. It also meets competition in the domestic market from Can-Pack, which recently started production at a plant near Moscow.

Rexam, based in London, has still to receive official notification on the ruling from FAS Russia. “Our people have not received a formal decision from the FAS,” said Jonathan Thornton, Rexam’s group communications director. “We are unable to comment until we have this and have had a chance to consider it.”

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