Rexam launches Fusion of creativity and flexibility

November 14: Brand owners are being targeted by Rexam, the world’s biggest beverage canmaker, with the launch this morning of an aluminium bottle design that is expected to offer creativity and flexibility in premium drinks packaging.
Under development for a number of years, the Fusion bottle shown at the Brau Beviale trade show in Germany is significantly lighter than equivalent glass bottles while being cool to the touch and enhanced by the latest all-over decoration techniques.
From next February brand owners will be able to see their designs produced on a pilot manufacturing line at Rexam’s research & development centre in the UK.
Steve Howell, Rexam’s Breakthrough Innovation Manager, who is heading the project, explained the background to the launch: “Fusion represents an unprecedented opportunity for customers to evolve or reinvent their premium brands – the bottles look great in numerous drinking situations where the brightness of the aluminium reflects the light and makes the package really stand out.
“The fact that it is so cold to the touch and reclosable means that consumers can really appreciate an improvement in their drinking experience.”

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