Six questions every canmaker should ask about the financial downturn

December 26: Earlier this year The Canmaker’s editorial team asked its board member and investment banker Arthur Stupay a number of questions about the possible impact of the credit crunch on the metal packaging industry and its customers, and what the best strategy could be to weather the storm as we enter 2009. (First featured in the November issue)
1. How bad could the recession be? Could it cause a worldwide depression as in the 1930s?
2. How will the feared recession affect canned products?
3. Will it affect all regions, or some more than others?
4. How will the credit crunch affect my company’s ability to get loans?
5. Will it affect companies with high debt more than others?
6. I’m already cutting costs. What else is there to do?

The answers were more positive than you’d expect.

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