Trivium doubles down on sustainability with larger aluminium bottles

Canmaker Trivium has increased its range of aluminium bottles in response to demands from hotel, restaurant and café businesses, including a one-litre size.

Sales director Greg Mucha told The Canmaker that the beverage bottles, produced in France, were as much part of Trivium’s focus on sustainability as customer demand: “We’re very heavily concentrated on sustainability, and people are getting more and more environmentally aware, so we’re improving the recycled content, improving the possibilities, and working together with the customers for better and more efficient solutions.”

He added that commercial customers wanted larger bottles for groups of people to share: “We are presenting larger bottles up to 750ml, and 1-litre bottles as well. When we started the beverage journey with a number of different brands, we were limited to half a litre and the request, especially from the ‘horeca’ channel, is ‘can we have a bigger size bottle that we can share with people?’ 

“Up to 500ml is a more personal bottle, anything above – 750ml or 1lt – is for sharing, and so far, there is no other aluminium solution for the horeca channels,” he said.

He said the main customers for the larger-size aluminium bottles were water brands, and other soft drinks: “I would call it healthy hydration, not necessarily sodas or sugary drinks: the biggest traction is from the healthy hydration brands.”

Mucha noted the growing possibilities for canmakers. “There’s more transition from glass or plastic into aluminium. And those bottles are more visible in the market, in some of the stores and fast-food restaurants, you’ve got aluminium bottles there, replacing plastic bottles.

“It’s a growing area, it’s still small. But in the beverage world it will accelerate. We’ve seen it in the can industry. With aluminium cans, they’ve absolutely exploded to the degree that there’s significant shortages of that particular packaging in the market.”

Trivium is offering 59mm, 66mm and 78mm diameter aluminium bottles up to one litre.

Mucha indicated several new launches this year that are currently under wraps. “I would say in Q2, we should have some products out.”

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