Vitamin-enhanced water launched in Balls bottles

June 15: A vitamin-enhanced water has been launched in Canada using Ball Corporation’s 16-oz Alumi-Tek aluminium bottles, which are expected to also be rolled out across the US this year with Miller Lite beer.

Ball Corporation has developed its Alumi-Tek manufacturing line at Monticello, Indiana, which uses technology licensed from Universal Can in Japan, to produce a range of three sizes from 8oz to 16oz. It is estimated that the capacity of the line is more than 300 million a year.

Live Young Forever Health and Wellness (LYF), based in Edmonton, Alberta, says its LYF Citrus water is a blend of powerful vitamins and the EGCG antioxidant, that stimulates thermogenesis, a process critical to weight loss and fat burning, and is commonly found in green tea.

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